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The Arts Pavilion


Sat within the grounds of a country estate The Arts Building will serve as a pavilion for artist residencies and exhibitions. The form has been designed as a low-lying building with three distinct pitched roof structures that are connected by glazed walkways. These connect the two domestic flank barns with a central barn which serves as a communal space for artists to collaborate.

The structure has been inspired by local vernacular grain barns which are traditionally raised for the natural ground level by staddle stones. The pavilion is constructed using three steel primary frame which span between concreted staddle stones and will be clad in Shou Sugi Ban vertical panels.  

The Art Pavilion

Location: Confidential

Year: 2022

Client: Private Client

Type: Cultural  

Status: Construction Stage

Project Team

Architect: MIDA Architecture 

Structural Engineer: Ingealtoir 

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